As we all know that in covid-19 we have to stay at home and follow all the doctors provided SOPS to keep ourselves safe and healthy and to keep our surroundings safe and healthy too. Below I’ve described a few of the most important ways to keep yourself and your family healthy in these circumstances:


To keep yourself safe and healthy and to keep your stamina in your body level high. So you can protect yourself from the deadly virus of the corona. You should include healthy and rich foods and snacks in your daily life which helps your body to fight against the deadly virus which is present in our environment currently. These substances like tobacco, cigarette, supari, etc lower down your stamina (power to fight against the deadly virus). That’s why all the doctors and specialists recommend you to quit these stuff and keep your focus on healthy things like fruits. Vegetables, white meat and chicken which is full of enriched vitamins and mineral. Which are very important for the human body in every situation not specifically in Covid-19. But in this type of situation this will help you to keep yourself optimistic too.


 The COVID-19 pandemic implies that a significant number of us are remaining at home and plunking down more than we typically do. It’s hard for a ton of us to do the kind of activity we ordinarily do. It’s considerably harder for individuals who don’t typically do a great deal of actual exercise. In any case, during such a critical point in time, it’s vital for individuals, everything being equal. And capacities to be just about as dynamic as could be expected.

Keep in mind – Just taking a brief break from sitting, by doing 3-4 minutes of light force actual development. Like brisk walking or stretching your body, will assist with facilitating your muscles and further develop blood course and muscle action. Customary active work benefits both the body and brain. It can diminish hypertension, assist with overseeing weight and decrease the danger of coronary illness, stroke. Type 2 diabetes, and different malignancies – all conditions that can expand defenselessness to COVID-19.


As nations acquaint measures with confine development as a component of endeavors to diminish the number of individuals contaminated with COVID-19, increasingly more of us are rolling out enormous improvements to our everyday schedules.

Important factors like an online conversation, home-based jobs. Online classes system for young and elder students, and absence of actual contact with other relatives, companions, and associates set aside an effort to become acclimated to. Adjusting to the way of life changes, for example, these, and dealing with the dread of getting the infection and stress over individuals near us who are especially defenseless, are trying for us all. They can be especially hard for individuals with psychological well-being conditions.

A few tips are following:

Limit newsfeeds.

Social contact is significant

Screen time

Computer games

Support health laborers


Across the world, because of the spread of Covid illness (COVID-19). Kids are disturbed by physical removal, isolates, and cross-country school terminations. A few youngsters and youngsters might be feeling more confined, restless, exhausted, and questionable. They might feel dread, and distress, over the effect of the infection on their families.

Various stages will carry your substance to assist with opening the universe of segregation. Watch out for assets and thoughts to help guardians and activities that will draw in youngsters in comprehension of the Covid. The difficulties it brings to their reality and how can be dealt with ensuring them.

Internet will likewise acquaint youngsters with an innovative substance. That will engage and give a truly necessary getaway into the fun and supernatural universes of creative mind like reading stories and other online activities.


As I’ve mentioned this thing above. That how much healthy eating will impact your physical as well as mental health and keeps you healthy in so many ways. So, yeah we should keep a strict and healthy check on our diets before consuming things.